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About Solar Car Air Purifier
It is a kind of small size and fashionable solar air purifier. Can be put on the car meter board to quickly purify the air.
Solar electronic air purifier can produce Ozone(O3) which can deodorize and sterilize the car inside the auto.   
High efficiency, High quality,environmental protection
Stylish and small size
Very convenient, supply power by the solar panel.
Solar battery board can be adjusted by your demand to that can take more sun light
In the case of no sunlight, it can work by power of the auto
It is fixed by dual-adhesive plaster, easy to install.
Haven't toxicity and side-effect to human.
Suitable for all cars, supply fresh air in car
Working principle:
It can ionize Oxygen(O2) into Ozone(O3) which is a strong oxidizer and can decompose the organic substance and the chemical material in the air. Further more, it won't remain any waste and make second time pollution.
Technical Data:


Voltage: 12V
Capacity: 0.2W
Ozone Output: below 0.03PPM
Suggested Use Space: within 3 stere
Working environment Temperature:-10 ~ +60
Available color: Silver or Champagne
Size 85*75*45mm
Humidity 80%RH
Weight 70g
1. Select a suitable place to ensure that the air purifier can receive enough sunlight.
2. Pull off the film of the dual-adhesive and put it on the bottom of the air purifier.
3. Pull off the film on the other side of adhesive and stick purifer on the selected place.

If you have any installation trouble, please contact us.