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Solar Road Studs Applications

• Communication, utility grid, power generation, power plant
• High dangerous fields such as oil storeroom and chemical
• Bridge, high way, railway
• Transportation and trucks
• Hydrology, water conservancy, reservoir
• Fishery, breed aquatics, shipping and boating ,docks
• Building site, tower crane, some operation equipments in the field
• Large-scale entertainment, establishment, entertainment location and large- scale manual scene
• Building appearance, decorative and advertisement
::::Application::::The safeguard of dangerous road sections in storm weather
 Solar road studs enjoy the advantage of active-lighting over the negative-lighting signs at sides of road and bridge. Compared with other auto-lighting lights, they are more energy-saving, longer in service life and lighter, and have the functions of bump proof and decoration as well.
1.Early warning at special highway condition
Highway special section:
(1)Bend road, alpine road
(2)Road section with sharp turnings
(3)Wide road to narrow road
(4)Service and experimental road sections
(5)Road sections with accident ahead
(6)Special road condition ahead (cave, bridge etc)

 alpine road  bend Road

maintaining location

2.Emergency caution in special weather
Special weather and climate features at superhighway:
(1) Thunder storm
(2) Snowy
(3) Foggy
 Ensure driving safely in snowy weather
3.Safe caution at special region
Highway special section:
(1) Road sections in poor environment like plateau and high mountains
(2) Road sections with few people like desert, wasteland etc
(3) Swamp road, wetland environment
(4) Road sections at natural scenic road
 Beauty spot
4. Safety means
(1) Flash in advance to create precaution effect
(2) Stronger light for warning emphasis
(3) Color warning to avoid blind spot
(4) Change from active illumination to negative illumination under the dynamo to avoid dazzling of light in near distance.
(5) Function of bump proof
(6) Light with strong penetrability for warning emphasis
(7) Night decoration
5.Application fearures
(1) Adopt solar energy without the difficulty of leading electric wire.
(2) Life expectancy over 5 years at temperature -40℃~+85℃.
(3) No electric shock possibility, no fire hidden danger, ecological environment protection.
(4) Convenient installation, maintenance free.
(5) Auto shift day and night with continuous working time of over 108 hours.


::::Application:::: fishery, sea-route, port
Active illumination at night for identification in long distance, functioned as direction, signs and warning for sea-rout, port, ship and livestock breeding

 1.Focus of mariculture and ships
(1) Guide for night operation
(2) Sea-route precaution for ships
(3) Warning at bad weather
(4) Denote of water lever and altitude
(5) Other special requirements

2.Relevant features
(1) Adopt solar technology and high efficiency daylighting and energy-storing technology
(2) Water proof design, materials of high temperature proof, high moisture proof, ultraviolet proof, light acid-alkali corrosion (sea water corrosion) proof selected under strict control
(3) Adopt new charging design instead of rechargeable battery, guarantee long time working of the product under the limited condition of small size.
3.Main values of the product
(1) Auto shift day and night, active illumination, no electric wire necessary, no electric leakage danger
(2) Sea water corrosion resistant design, workable in the environment of sea water and bad weather
(3) Long service life, convenient installation and maintenance free
(4) Strong penetration , irreplaceable product in windy, rainy, snowy and foggy weather
Types of solar road studs

                  SRS-02 SRS-03 SRS-06


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