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About Super-capacitor Storage Device

  Super-Capacitor storage device is an intelligent and sophisticated system built to conduct every required process such as generation, preservation and consumption of electric power in accordance with environmental conditions.
  Capacitor (Super-capacitor or Ultra-capacitor) and Rechargeable Battery (Ni-Cd and Ni-Mh type) are used for storage device at present and the brief concept of each device is as follows:

Capacitor uses up-to-date technology in electric power storage. It combines the advantages of conventional condenser and rechargeable battery features for optimum functionality. Capacitor utilizes physical reactions - electric charge movement of prime conductor between the poles - in charge and discharge process. The response is faster by comparison with no decline of performance with time. In fact, the life span of Capacitor is at least 100,000 cycles and it lasts for approximately 274 years.
Super-Capacitor VS. Conventional Battery
Workable Temperature
Life Span
Charge & Discharge
Efficiency / Example
Chargeable Illumination
Energy Density (Wh/kg)
Power Density (W/kg)
Capacity / Operation
Period without charge
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We now can produce the solar road studs,solar bricks,solar decorative lights with Supe Capacitor.
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