Features and advantages of Aleks-Crystal vases: why you should pay attention to them

The fruit bowl is an integral part of the table. And it doesn’t matter what was the reason for her appearance — an ordinary day or the eve of a celebration.Moreover, this dish is versatile, showing a little imagination, you can find any application for it. For example, use with baked goods, desserts or candy. The vase is a symbol of hospitality and refined taste. If you choose and buy vases on aleks-crystal.com/vases-for-fruits, you can save invaluable time, make your searches pleasant even on a gloomy day, and a harmonious combination of price and quality will be a pleasant bonus.

History of origin

The first mentions appeared in the annals of Rome and Greece. The courtiers always tried to surprise the pharaohs and emperors with magnificent feasts, the central link on the tables was fruit vases. Only after a while ordinary citizens could afford such an attribute. Despite the fact that the first dishes were made of wood and clay, they have a lot in common with the variations of our day. It was also used to present food conveniently and to give the contents a special look.

At all times, people have paid a lot of attention to table setting. The food was considered holy and needed to be given an appropriate frame. The first vases were without gilding and molding, their design was primitive. The development of relations between countries helped to spread the popularity of fruit shelves around the world. Noble families living in prosperity and luxury were the first to note their ease of use. The appearance of a fruit vase on the table symbolized prosperity and emphasized the status of the owner.

Aleks-Crystal website assortment

An exclusive vase is a real decoration. Crystal and glass products are made gracefully, their presence will add a special charm to the room. You can pick up a vase of a certain diameter from 26 cm. The variety of design solutions complicates the choice. It is not easy to decide when each fruit rack is unique in its own way. She will emphasize the excellent taste of the owner, complement the interior with her presence, and will look harmonious for any occasion. Vases with ruby, topaz finishes, gold inserts will not leave anyone indifferent.

Lovers of the classics will find an alternative solution without frills. The price of products varies depending on the diameter, the design of the shelf, the complexity of the work, and the shape. Convenient delivery all over the world, quality assurance, all this