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The secrets of proper olive tree cultivation: How to act

The olive tree can be grown even in conditions different from those in the Mediterranean.

Following the simple rules of care, it is quite possible to enjoy its beauty and give yourself fresh olives directly from your own garden. For example, olea europaea kopen can be easily grown in large pots without special care. Such a plant is not whimsical in care and feels great at home.

Choice of location and soil

The olive tree loves sunlight, so it is necessary to choose a place for it where there will be maximum illumination. The soil should be chosen with good drainage. It should be rich in nutrients. This plant does not like waterlogging, so it should be watered moderately. In summer, it is enough to water the plant once every 7-10 days, and in winter — once every 2-3 weeks. It is also important to take care of regular feeding. To do this, you should choose special fertilizers that promote their healthy growth and development. Feed the plant with organic or mineral fertilizers in spring and autumn.

Regular pruning of the olive tree helps it keep its shape and stimulates growth. Pruning should be carried out in the spring. It is necessary to remove dry and damaged branches, as well as to form a crown. This plant can suffer from various diseases and pest attacks, so you need to regularly inspect it for signs of disease or insects. When problems are detected, appropriate control measures should be applied.

In winter, an olive tree may require additional protection from the cold, especially if you grow it in a cold climate. Cover the trunk and roots with mulch or special frost protection materials. Following the simple rules of care, you can create a cozy corner of the Mediterranean right at home and enjoy its well-being for many years.